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Tv Series and Fashion. A Look to the Audiences’ Activities

digital Tv Series and Fashion. A Look to the Audiences’ Activities
fascicolo COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2017 - 1. FASHIONATING IMAGES Audiovisual Media Studies Meet Fashion
titolo Tv Series and Fashion. A Look to the Audiences’ Activities
editore Vita e Pensiero
formato Articolo | Pdf
online da 05-2017
issn 03928667 (stampa) | 18277969 (digitale)
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TV series have a relevant place in today’s media scenario, as a genre that is greatly appreciated by audiences and which has multiple fruition options. TV series have moreover some flexibility, allowing viewers to appropriate them in several ways. Clothes represent just one of these opportunities, involving audiences, stylists and producers all at once. Costumes and fashion generally, constitute a significant component in the production of TV series, that is recognized by many audiences as an autonomous pathway or an essential motif that helps to make the narration consistent, on the one hand, and on the other appears relevant even when detached from the story and progressively branching out on its own. Clothes and accessories become therefore a possible extra-diegetic interpretative key, that can further enhance television series. To study this scenario, the article takes into consideration three series (Downton Abbey, ITV 2010-2015, Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family 2010-, and House of Cards, Netflix, 2013-) as well as selected web and especially Pinterest pages that are linked to the series, where connections to the fashion world are made explicit.

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