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Il progetto Warco - The Warco project. L’idea per un gioco e al contempo uno spunto di riflessione sulla figura del fotoreporter e sul racconto fotografico della guerra - The idea for a game and an approach to the figure of photojournalist and to war visual storytelling digital
Anno: 2013
Warco is a video game developed by Defiant Development in collaboration with director Robert Connolly and photojournalist Tony Maniaty. Even as a yet unrealized project, the game constitutes an interesting case study, giving new perspectives on the very way the ludic, interactive dimension of video game is conceived. Instead of killing the usual amount of enemies, the player is asked to assume the identity of Jesse Demarco, a female photojournalist working at a fictional war front in the Middle East. The concept itself is very innovative: the game’s mission is to make a video and photo report and send it to the broadcasting station. Photography, then, is not just an instrument available to the player, but the only means for the completion of the game. Warco offers a rare opportunity to think about the task of the photojournalist, showing how it can be accomplished, even if just virtually, by whomever might play the part.
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