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Traduzioni e riforma teatrale del XVIII secolo digital Traduzioni e riforma teatrale del XVIII secolo
Anno: 2004
The present essay starts from the assumption that literary translation is a privileged vehicle for communication and exchange among different cultural systems. It seeks to highlight the fact that this phenomenon can also be interpreted from a socio-cultural perspective in the specific case of the translations of theatrical texts published in Italy in the 18th century. That is to say, theatrical genres contributed to the development of a sort of osmosis within European culture, which was to enable Italy to overcome the cultural crisis at the start of the 18th century. The essay, however, also points to a resistance which was opposed against culturally exogenous elements, in the form of a reappraisal of the classical tradition and hence of classical drama. The analysis of modern texts (the French ones in particular), of classical texts in translation and of the theoretical debate over which of the two approaches should be favoured in the attempt to revitalise Italian culture, ultimately leads beyond mere emphasis on an opposition. Indeed it suggests that the very need to facilitate the revival of the classical tradition sparked the necessity for cultural exchanges and the acceptance of the achievements of modern European culture.
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