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Laura Cantarelli

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Dal culto dell’emozione alla centralità della relazione
La proposta teatrale all’interno del sistema organizzativo
Anno: 2005
The new hero of our time is the homo sentiens, bulimically in quest of a hyper-emotive dimension. After the aegis of rationality, emotion is therefore the key word for our century and its unceasing motion is a manifestation of individualism. But the emotional sphere lacks the complexity of the affective sphere, which pertains to collective dynamics, debate and dialectic. Individual expression and collective requirements are the nodal points of the business theatre experience, a form of training that acts on the business universe to reveal the web of connections between the Self, the Other and Reality. The case history examined is based on many years’ work with the Gruppo Norman, an Italian group for the dynamic management of real-estate assets, a firm with a strongly humanistic culture. The paper ranges from creative workshops to the foundation of the first Permanent Business-Theatre Company, which staged the theatrical production Rumors, freely adapted from William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, at the Teatro dell’Arte-CRT in March 2006.
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