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Il corpo redento
Un percorso intellettuale tra tradizioni teologiche e antropologia nel cristianesimo tardoantico
formato: Articolo | COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2003 - 2. Il corpo passionato. Modelli e rappresentazioni medievali dell'amore divino
Anno: 2003
The representation of the body of Christ during the first three centuries of the Christian era was influenced by a number of closely intertwined questions which, taken together, delineated a structured dialectic between apparent ugliness and higher beauty, the latter being accessible to the gaze of the believer. The theological reflection put forward by authors such as Justin, Irenaeus, Clement, Tertullian or Origen is linked not only to the social implications of a Christ who is reviled and devoid of any beauty, according to Isaiah 53 but, equally, to the mystical tensions of reunification with the elected Bridegroom of Psalm 45 and of the Canticle of Canticles. The mystical conviction of assimilation and intellectual contemplation that was characteristic of the Alexandrian tradition was however destined to be progressively reduced to the credence of a narrow circle of followers; in the vaster body of the church it would be overshadowed by the cult of the martyrs and relics, as a visible testimony of the imitation of the suffering Christ and his wounded body. This is the background from which there sprang the medieval reflection that arose with Francis.
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