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Regional Presidents and Crisis Communication on COVID-19 novitàdigital Regional Presidents and Crisis Communication on COVID-19
Anno: 2024
This research focuses on the communication of 18 Italian regional presidents in the first 2 months of COVID-19 crisis. The regions are autonomous in the management of health services in the territory and their communication to citizens is crucial. We study presidents’ Facebook messages with content and lexical analysis, to understand how much space was dedicated to the pandemic, what content the presidents offered and in what formats. We also show how the presidents represented their relationship with the government or with citizens, and how they reinforced credibility and trust in crisis leadership...
La rappresentazione giornalistica di una crisi istituzionale. Il referendum sul Trattato di Lisbona e la crisi dell’Unione europea digital La rappresentazione giornalistica di una crisi istituzionale. Il referendum sul Trattato di Lisbona e la crisi dell’Unione europea
Anno: 2008
The article examines the information coverage related to the Irish referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon and to the crisis of the European Union following the negative answer resulting from this referendum. The analysis of the communication of the national Tv News and of some daily newspaper shows a discontinuous course. Before the vote the Italian media have not given a lot of attention to the referendum event and its possible consequences. After the vote, the attention for the European institutional crisis has been strong, but only in the moment in which it has exploded. Even considering this «unprecedented», «serious» crisis, «able to paralyse» Europe, in the newspapers and in the News the cycle of life of the news was brief and based on politics: if the Treaty was in the political agenda, then it was talked about, but in the moment in which it disappeared from the agenda and from the interventions of the politicians it also disappeared from News and newspapers. For what concerns the ways of speaking about the referendum and the crisis of the Ue, in the moment of great attention the story was dramatized, reported with alarm and apprehension (even though for a brief period) in all the analyzed headings. It is meaningful, for our country, that the story was politicized and Italianised. Particularly: a) newspapers and News have given a reading of the referendum in a key of inside politics; b) the focus has been set on the debate inter- and intra- parties; c) the comments (especially in the News) have been heard in prevalence from national political leaders and ministries. For what concerns the journalistic discourse on the crisis and its protagonists, in the News declarations and comments are delegated to the politicians. The newspapers seem to privilege the comparison among different positions, the long interview, the authoritative opinion; comments are given by experts or by the representatives of a precise opinion, journalists and not. Unlike what happens in the three foreign daily newspapers taken into examination, in Italy the debate on the Treaty developed inside Ireland is not very deep and the scenario is simplified.
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