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La «Parafrasi dell’Agamennone di Seneca» di Giorgio Maria Rapparini digital La «Parafrasi dell’Agamennone di Seneca» di Giorgio Maria Rapparini
Anno: 2004
Among the Italian translations of Seneca’s tragedies, most of which were carried out around the beginning of the 18th century, those written by Giorgio Maria Rapparini are in the form of paraphrases, a genre whose features are set out in Quintilian’s Institutio oratoria. The Parafrasi dell’Agamennone di Seneca, published in Cologne in 1708 and presented to the wife of the Palatine Elector, was printed in a volume with the original text and the translation on facing pages. It was intended for an erudite readership, capable of appreciating the original solutions proposed by Rapparini for some of the difficult passages. Rapparini’s approach with respect to the hypotext was a sort of aemulatio, which prompted him to expand, condense or explicate Seneca’s text as the case required. Rapparini’s Parafrasi can therefore be considered in line with the general revival of the classics which was typical of the early 18th century. The foreword to the work was written by Giovan Gioseffo Orsi, himself a translator, poet, literary critic and theorician of aesthetics. He claimed the superiority of the Latins over the Greeks even in the field of tragedy, and praised Rapparini’s translations.
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