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Il teatro del ‘sindaco’: politica e comunità nel lavoro del ntS’ nel quartiere Sanità di Napoli digital
Anno: 2021
The aim of this paper is to show the merits and limits of the model of political theatre that the ntS’ (Nuovo Teatro Sanità) has produced. In particular, since its foundation, the ntS’ has produced a series of political actions, inside and outside the institutions, with the aim of building a community around the theatre as a physical, social and symbolic place...
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Interactive Tools Performance: Blast Theory between Media Theory, Performance Studies and Social Research digital
Anno: 2021
This article investigates the intermediality performances which originate from the collaboration between the British collective Blast Theory and the Mixed Reality Lab of the University of Nottingham. This analysis focuses on the possibility of extracting innovative tools and methodologies from their work...
Intermediality Performance and Mediology of Theater Testing Sustainability digital
Anno: 2020
In the complex network of phenomena and practices related to the use and dissemination of digital media within the scenic and performative device that takes the name of intermediality performance, the issue of environmental sustainability is certainly central. In the performing arts, a particular sustainability model is negotiated and staged. First of all, just the particular conformation of the scenic medium that, since the advent of the cultural industry, becomes a space in which to think about technological obsolescence, and therefore about the sustainability of digital technologies, allows a close reflection on the themes of technology and environmental sustainability...
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Il cerchio invisibile. Due esperienze di teatro-comunità in Campania: da Leo de Berardinis a Punta Corsara digital
Anno: 2016
The theatre offers profound potential for contact among bodies. Without contact, there is no theatre, understood as the art form whose defining principle is being tied to one space and one time, leading to the need to build a community. We analyse the analogies and differences between two important experiences in Campania. These experiences are based on a theatre project that is also a social project to build a temporary community...
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