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La Dtt in rete

digital La Dtt in rete
Fascicolo COMUNICAZIONI SOCIALI - 2008 - 1. Incipit digitale. L'avvio della televisione digitale terrestre in Italia tra discorsi, prodotti e consumi
Titolo La Dtt in rete
Editore Vita e Pensiero
Formato Articolo | Pdf
Online da 01-2008
Issn 0392-8667 (stampa) | 1827-7969 (digitale)
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The essay analyzes the forms and evolution of Dtt in space and network, through an extensive monitoring which takes into consideration: institutional sites(from Fondazione Bordoni to DGTVi , to websites managed by the main domestic broadcasters); reliable sources of information (from on-line versions of the main Italian newspapers to web magazines such as «Punto Informatico»), until what the author defines as the «large group of non-official information sources»: portals, sites, blogs, often born with speculative aims, to gather advertising and data, working as sounding board for opinions given by the ‘official’ site and are also an indicator of the changes in the elaboration of Dtt ‘mythology’. The analysis is developed diachronically, highlighting, in the same way as in press communication, both the incoherence of Dtt discourse, and the difficulty of putting the user and its needs at the centre of it. The elaboration of the discourse mainly highlights three steps: an initial mythology building-phase, dominated by the institutional source which between 2000 and 2004 organized an advertising campaign to promote Dtt; a conflict phase, starting at the end of 2004 and continuing for the two following years, with the information sites sharply criticizing Dtt mythology drawing on technical, cultural and social arguments; and a later phase, characterized by a progressive emptying of the sites and by the ending of the internet debate, but which does not put an end to the Dtt event, still waiting to be investigated in its manifold and controversial implications.

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